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Welcome to the Trial & Heirs Digital Library. Here, you’ll find hundreds of articles we’ve written about celebrity and high-profile estates, and each one has a lesson for your clients and prospects. You can even personalize these with your “courtesy of” information. You’ll then be able to print and/or email the articles to your clients and prospects. Be sure to check back frequently because we’ll be adding new articles regularly.

We also have dozens of articles about estate planning, celebrity estates, and more, that we’ve been interviewed for or quoted in. These are also great resources to send to clients and prospects. There are even a number of video and audio interviews we’ve given, which you can watch for your own education, or share with clients and prospects.

Please keep in mind that these articles and materials are for your use only. While you are permitted (and encouraged) to send them to clients and prospects, you are not permitted to share them with others to send to their clients and prospects … unless of course they wish to join our Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club too.

Ready to get started? You can either browse through the list of materials, or simply click on any topic or celebrity name from the list on the right to bring up articles, videos and/or audio recordings related to that topic or celebrity. Then print or email the articles to your clients and prospects.

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