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Celebrity Legacies: No Easy Ride For Dennis Hoppers Estate

When is a divorce more than just a divorce?  When famed actor Dennis Hopper battled through an ugly divorce against his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, the battle was more about Dennis Hopper‘s estate than anything else.  So perhaps no one …

Dennis Hopper’s Widow Turns Divorce Battle Into New Lawsuit

The divorce contest between the late Dennis Hopper and his wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, was ugly when he was alive.  It’s turned even uglier since he’s passed away.  Duffy-Hopper dropped a new bomb on the children of the Easy Rider star, …

Dennis Hopper Estate Battle Moving Into High Gear

It’s ironic that the estate of the actor made famous through the movie Easy Rider is proving to be anything but an easy ride.  On one side sits Dennis Hopper’s fifth wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper.  On the other sit his trustees …

Forbes: Celebrity Death And Divorce Train Wrecks recently featured an article we wrote about our celebrity-based Trial & Heirs‘ Top Five Estate Planning Tips for Divorcees.  Here’s a shortened version.  Go to for the full article: 1. Update your will and/or trust. Life events like divorces …

Dennis Hopper’s Wife To Continue Fight Into Probate Court

The recent legal battles between the ailing Dennis Hopper and his wife in divorce court have been well-documented.  Here are the Probate Lawyer Blog’s articles covering the case, including the Top Ten most hurtful allegations lobbed back and forth (a …

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ABC News, “Dennis Hopper’s 9-Year Old To Get 40 Percent of Late Father’s Estate”

The Stepmom's Toolbox, “Have You Done Your Will Yet?”

Trial & Heirs’ Top Tips for 2011 via Forbes

Now into the second month of 2011, it’s not too late to make a fresh start with the important topic of estate planning, which so many people find ways to keep putting off. We think it’s helpful to see what …, “Dennis Hopper Heirs Sell to Give Widow Hell”, “Estate Planning: Learn From Celebrity Errors”

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