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What if there was a way you could approach clients and prospects in a completely different way than ever before? Doesn't it get kind of boring and old to keep presenting the same materials and pitch, time and time again?

You want to build better, stronger relationships with clients so they make more referrals to you … and you want more sales from current clients and prospects alike, right? What if, at the same time, you could make a profound impact on the lives of your clients and prospects?

The good news is you're on the right page and in the right place....

Watch the preview video below to learn how Trial & Heirs™ can help you grow your business using celebrity stories.

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We're Danielle and Andy Mayoras, husband-and-wife legacy expert attorneys, and we wrote a bestselling book, Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! We use celebrity stories to teach people how estate planning - sometimes even the most basic documents - can make a big difference to a family after a loved one passes away. We share valuable lessons with every celebrity story.

Since the book came out, it's been a whirlwind! We've been on the Rachael Ray show, ABC's Live-Well Network, Forbes, FOX and NBC affiliates, WGN-TV, and more, and we've been featured in The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Kiplinger, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, and ABC, among many others. In addition, we’re regular contributors for as well as several other websites.

We also hosted a national television special, Trial & Heirs: Protect Your Family Fortune!, airing on PBS affiliates across the country. We received a tremendous response to our TV show, which uses celebrity stories to teach people about estate planning. Ray Charles Robinson, Jr. also shared the painful story about his famous father’s estate.

So what does this mean for you?

The reason we wanted to share all of this with you is to demonstrate the response we’ve received to our approach. After being in the media, doing book signings and speaking engagements, we started to notice a trend. Professionals kept asking us how they could use what we’re doing to help build their businesses using the materials that we've spent years developing.

This is one of the toughest economies ever, and more and more of you are competing for the same business. You are looking for ways to differentiate yourself and set yourself apart from your competition.

You as professionals have told us how hard it is right now to even have an opportunity to get in front of your clients and prospects … let alone grow your businesses.

We've had financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals reach out to us and ask us for help, advice and information.

As we love a challenge, we decided to go to the drawing board and put together a package for professionals just like you. We wanted to give you all of the tools you need to grow your business with ease, of course, using our celebrity stories. We also wanted to make sure that the materials were simple to use and could be implemented right away.

So here it is…our Trial & Heirs: Stop Leaving Money On The Table & Grow Your Business Package.

Research shows that the best way for you to grow your business is to build better, stronger relationships with clients, which leads to more sales from current clients AND generates new referrals. That’s why we developed our unique and innovative Trial & Heirs: Stop Leaving Money On The Table & Grow Your Business Package. This Package is full of easy-to-digest information for you to use right away to take your business to the next level and help your clients along the way.

To read more about the research click here.

There are two distinct sets of materials in the Package. The first set of materials is for you, which shows you step-by-step how to grow your business using celebrity-based estate planning conversations. The second set of materials is for you to share with clients and prospects to increase your sales while helping them along the way. We've broken them all down below for you.

Materials To Grow Your Business

  • Our unique and innovative DVD set, with 4 hours of information for you. We teach you step-by-step how to use celebrity stories to engage and connect with clients and prospects, encourage them to do their estate planning the right way, build client loyalty and stronger relationships, and in the process, grow your business. We share tons of stories with you, so you can start using them in your conversations.
  • This DVD set includes:
    • The Importance of Having The Estate Planning Conversation And How It Can Propel Your Business.
    • The Top Ten Conversation Starters For Professionals To Open Doors To New Sales.
    • The Five Bonus Tips to Grow Your Business.
    • Our National Television Special airing on PBS affiliates: Trial & Heirs: Protect Your Family Fortune! including our DVD extras on: What to do when you’re in a Family Fight, How to Find a Good Estate Planning or Probate Litigation Attorney, Joint Ownership -- The Good, Bad and Ugly, Special Estate Planning Circumstances, What to do when the Funeral is Over, and our exclusive interview with Ray Charles Robinson, Jr.
  • A "Cheat Sheet" of celebrity stories and lessons for you to quickly refer to so you can get clients talking, such as Heath Ledger for your younger clients, Sonny Bono and Jimi Hendrix for those with no will. Never again will you need to struggle for talking points with your prospects or clients.
  • Two-months of access to our Digital Library*for more content, so you can stay up to date on all of the celebrity cases, estate planning news and tips, monthly expert interviews, and much more.
  • Two-months of access to our one-of-a-kind Drip List Template.* We designed a template section for you to use to essentially "drip emails" on your clients and gently remind them in a fun and entertaining way to do their estate planning. Of course, at the same time you'll be getting your name in front of them.

Materials To Give Out To Your Clients:

  • 34 copies of our bestselling book, Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! Believe us, these books make great giveaways!
  • A set of "courtesy of" stickers for the books.
  • Two-months of access to our monthly Newsletters*filled with the latest celebrity stories, that can be personalized with your “courtesy of” information. You can send this out physically or digitally to your clients and prospects, and it will take your e-marketing to a whole new level.
  • Two-months of access to our exclusive digital Trial & Heirs: Estate Planning Organizer.* You’ll be able to personalize it with your “courtesy of” information, and then send these physically or electronically to clients and prospects, so they can get ... and stay … organized.

* These items are available through our Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club. Ongoing access is also available on a monthly basis.

Rather than play all the games with pricing and discounting, we'll simply tell you that we priced this to be affordable, but also priced it based on the value it's going to bring to you in the short term and over the long term.

The minute after you invest in our Package, you are essentially partnering with us and getting to leverage the Trial & Heirs™ resources and knowledge to instantly start growing your business and opening the door to new sales.

See below what some people are saying about our approach, and you can watch our video about the program here!

Everybody who has read or discussed [Trial & Heirs] has pledged to get their financial affairs in order.

Avis Thomas-Lester
of The Washington Post

Using celebrities to open the conversation is a good business model for letting clients know what problems can arise. It helps me explain complicated subjects in an easy to understand way and I have received referrals because clients appreciate the help and they tell friends who may be facing similar issues.

Philip K.
Financial Advisor, Michigan

Trial & Heirs uses the celebrity cliffhanger cases to dish out real-life advice.

Ashlea Ebling
of Forbes

Trial & Heirs provides a fun hook in celebrity estate planning bloopers. The tools are very educational, and I’ve been using them my practice for over a year now. They provide fabulous ideas to help spark family discussion about a topic that not many of us like to talk about, estate planning and what’s going to happen to our family when we are no longer here to provide for them.

Kristen M.
Estate Planning Attorney, Florida

Trial & Heirs not only entertains, it deeply educates and also galvanizes readers into taking action to protect their families and their legacies.

Tara-Nicholle Nelson
of Inman News

Consider buying the book in bulk as gifts for your clients or as a marketing tool; remember, an informed client is a better client, and a client who understands some of your language is one who is easier to talk to.

Jane Siegel
Michigan Bar Journal

[Trial & Heirs] is by far the most educational and clever material I have read in a long time.

Kim Fowler
of ABA Banking Journal

This is also a great book for financial planners, attorneys and other professionals to give to their clients who don't have a will or trust.

Cathy Severson
Retirement Life Matters

This is an investment in your business that will pay dividends for the years to come. Imagine in a few months, closing more business, engaging more clients and prospects in conversations and getting in front of more people, all the while separating yourself from your competition.

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Phil Klein, Financial Professional talks about how Trial & Heirs helped him grow his business.

If you order before January 31st you will receive two bonus months, for a total of FOUR months (A $788 value) of access in our Trial & Heirs Grow Your Business Club that provides:

  • Our Digital Library with hundreds of articles and videos sorted by topic and celebrity, to easily pull up materials to share with your clients and prospects for every situation imaginable
  • Our exclusive Trial & Heirs Newsletter that allows you to provide regular content-worthy materials which you can customize and personalize
  • One-of-a-kind Trial & Heirs Estate Planning Organizer that you can send to your clients physically or electronically so they can get…and stay…organized with all of their legal and financial information, and more!
  • Unique, custom Trial &Heirs Drip List. Send custom email campaigns to your clients and prospects prompting them to do their estate planning through fun and educational celebrity-themed reminders, and serves as a great way for you to get in front of your clients and prospects!
  • Updates on all the latest celebrity stories
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • Exclusive discounts on future book orders, speaking engagements and live events

Trial & Heirs: Stop Leaving Money on the Table &
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